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Christina Mante has supported the application for an EU project in the LIFE sub-programme Climate Policy with great expertise. The ambitious goal of writing a high-quality project proposal in a relatively short period of time would hardly have been possible without her knowledge and commitment.

Prof. Dr. Christian Bernhofer, Technische Universität Dresden

As project and finance manager of the INTERREG IVC project EnercitEE, Christina Mante made a decisive contribution to the successful implementation and completion of this project. She was also a valued contact for the participating project partners from the different European regions, took up their questions and problems, developed timely answers and solutions, coordinated them and implemented them.

Werner Sommer, Saxon State Agency for Environment, Agriculture and Geology 

It is also thanks to the competent support of Christina Mante that the Building Department of the City of Leipzig was awarded the contract for the EEMTE project. With its professionalism and commitment, it has also reliably supported the project in its implementation, so that it has even been a great success on a European scale.

Carla Groß, Project Coordinator 


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