Project Development

I support you with the conception and detailed planning of your project:

▪   Definition of objectives

▪   Stakeholder analysis

▪   Risk analysis

▪   Development of the work plan 

▪   Structuring the project in phases, work packages and milestones

▪   Budgeting

▪   Conception of communication measures and other relevant aspects

Thereby, I make use of proven projects planning instruments and methods. If you strive towards an international project cooperation I provide further support to you:

▪   Strategic and content-related project partner search

▪   Communication with the intended (international) project partner

Proposal Writing

Together we will develop a convincing and formally correct project proposal that meets all requirements of the funding programme. Thereby, my tasks include: 

▪   Compliance check of the project with the funding programme: Are all conditions met, is the correct content alignment given?

▪   Conception and writing of specific proposal chapters such as project management, risk management, stakeholder analysis, dissemination & exploitation, sustainability & impact etc.

▪   Collection of input and financial/administrative information to be provided by your project partners

▪   Setting up necessary additional proposal documents

▪   Submission of the complete application on time 

Project Management / PMO

You seek assistance during the project implementation? I will support you in:

    Control of targets and milestones 

▪    Budget monitoring, administrative management

▪    Internal/external reporting

▪    Change management

▪    Risk analysis and management

    Stakeholder analysis, stakeholder communication & engagement

▪    Documentation, document management

▪    External evaluation of running projects

▪    Organisation, realisation and follow-up of (international) project  meetings

▪    Project presentation


Proposal Writing

Projekt Management / PMO

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